Geita, Tanzania

The town of Geita is the Capital of Geita Region, one of 31 administrative regions. Geita is mostly known for gold mining, which was opened up to foreign investment in the 90s. This has brought forth dangerous, unregulated practices and environmental issues such as mercury poisoning and deforestation.

Rubondo Island National Park is the main tourist destination in Geita, located on an island in Lake Victoria. This park is mostly known for game fishing and bird watching. Northwest Tanzania is known as Africa's Great Lakes region, because it is home to Tanzania's portion of Lake Victoria in the north and Lake Tanganyika in the west. The most visited city in the area is Mwanza, because it makes for an easy base for visiting the Serengeti and Ngorongoro Crater.

In 2014 it was reported that 3% of children ages 10-15 had dropped out of school. Classrooms tend to be overcrowded with high student to teacher ratios. Many classrooms do not have a blackboard and there often aren't enough textbooks for the students. 

Bridging Worlds Through Music attempts to alleviate these issues by providing a music program for children. Their use of music education helps children to feel positive about school attendance and to develop good learning habits. The CAP Network engaged Bridging Worlds Through Music in 2016 as part of our overall efforts to advance education for children and youth in African communities. Since then we have been working to expand the music education programming in Geita through building an instrument and music book library, facilitating teacher training and deepening relationships and commitments to music as an approach to building life skills and supporting academic performance within the school communities.



December 06, 2021

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