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Mikoko Kwanza (Mangroves First) is a special project of Zacadia to restore and protect the mangrove forests of Pemba Island, Zanzibar, where climate change is threatening livelihoods and our environment. The project engages local community members to plant mangrove trees and provides education about the importance of these trees in stabilizing shorelines and preventing erosion, protecting biodiversity and ocean habitats, and sequestering carbon.

The Zanzibar-Canadian Diaspora Association (Zacadia) was formed in 2012 as an association of passionate Zanzibaris who act as a bridge between Zanzibaris in Canada and the Zanzibar homeland, and work to foster, promote, encourage, facilitate and coordinate help for Zanzibar.

Zacadia works with representatives and associations in Zanzibar-Unguja and Pemba islands who assess community needs, and then the Canadian team identifies ways to meet those needs. Zacadia envisions a country (Zanzibar) where abject poverty, ignorance and disease among the common people are reduced.

In Zanzibar, Zacadia’s efforts fall mainly in the areas of health, education, climate adaptation and social services support, including:

  1. Supporting orphans with parental care
  2. Supporting the elderly with basic necessities of life
  3. Supporting poor children with school fees
  4. Building toilets, supplying furniture and used equipments/tools from Canada, upgrading and repairing schools in rural areas
  5. Building water wells for the rural people in Zanzibar
  6. Repairing and upgrading rural Healthcare Centres
  7. Running healthcare clinics in Zanzibar, like checking the blood pressure and sugar levels of rural people
  8. Helping to improve education and healthcare in Zanzibar
  9. Supporting communities in climate change response

Your donation will support the restoration of the mangrove forests of Mtangani, Pemba, Zanzibar. Together we can empower the people of Zanzibar to fight climate change and restore our Earth!


Plant mangrove trees to protect and restore coastline in Tanzania

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Mikoko Kwanza

Thank you for supporting Mikoko Kwanza! Your donation will support the restoration of the mangrove forests of M...

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