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Gua Africa

Gua Africa Education and Scholarship Project - Kenya and South Sudan


Gua Africa was founded in 2006 by South Sudanese former child soldier turned musician and activist Emmanuel Jal. Since then, they have grown from an informal organization supporting a handful of young South Sudanese folks living in Kenya, to the international organization it is today. Gua Africa works with individuals, families and communities to help them overcome the effects of poverty created by war or natural disaster, through education.

Gua believes that giving everyone access to education will lead to an increase in individuals generating their own income and a more stable society. Gua Africa projects combine scholarship programs, teaching in refugee camps and feeding programs, all underpinned by a philosophy of peace education and a dedication to community income generation. The CAP Network’s engagement will support the expansion of scholarships and education programs for refugees.

Gua Africa – Canada is led by Emmanual Jal, founder of Gua Africa, who dreams of expanding the understanding and support of Canadians to the plight of children affected by conflict and poverty. Through Gua Africa – Canada, he is spreading his message of peace and education and raising funds for the project.



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